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If you have been putting off having a cavity fixed in the visible parts of your smile because you aren’t excited about using metal fillings, have you considered the benefit of using a composite resin filling? These tooth-colored fillings are good for small-to-medium sized cavities, and for those in the front of the mouth.

Bonded directly to the tooth, they are virtually invisible, making them a discreet fix. They are comprised of a mixture of glass/quartz filler and resin. They are metal-free and able to be contoured like a regular tooth.

Filling a cavity with composite resin is done by the following:

  • Your dental team will isolate the tooth in order to keep it dry and moisture free from saliva.
  • Any decayed areas of the tooth will be taken out.
  • The filling will be applied in layers over the opening.
  • A special “curing” light will be used to harden each layer of resin before the next layer is applied.
  • The tooth will be contoured to appear like a natural tooth once the hardening process is complete.
  • The result? A natural looking tooth!

But aesthetics aren’t their only benefit. Composite fillings are good for fixing a damaged tooth without removing excessive parts of the tooth, allowing it to better maintain its structure. Also, since the resin is bonded directly onto the tooth, it effectively handles chew pressure and temperature extremes.

To find out if a composite filling can help your tooth, you can schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Kevin Park at 360-568-2153. Our Park Dental of Edmonds & Snohomish team in Snohomish, Washington is here to help you maintain your beautiful smile!