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The best way to enjoy excellent dental health is to brush and floss your teeth every day. While there are many ways to floss, we recommend trying a threaded floss first to determine if it’s compatible with the needs and capability of your smile. Dr. Kevin Park and our team offer a few simple guidelines for flossing to help you improve your oral health.

– According to the ADA, the optimal duration for flossing is two to three minutes every day, giving attention to all areas between and around your teeth.

– Look for products that have the ADA Seal of Acceptance, meaning they have met the ADA’s requirements, to ensure the floss is resistant to shredding or tearing. One example of shred-resistant floss is single filament thread.
– Use a floss strand about 18 inches in length to avoid contamination between teeth. A longer thread allows you to use a fresh section of the floss for each tooth.

– Never reuse a section of floss.

–If age or pain have made flossing with thread difficult, you may need to switch to water flossing or another easy-to-use interdental cleaner.

For more information about flossing and which floss treatment is right for you, come see our dentist at Park Dental of Edmonds & Snohomish. Dr. Kevin Park would love to meet with you and discuss options to improve your oral health in Snohomish, Washington. Call 360-568-2153 to schedule your appointment.