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Have you ever had the uncomfortable feeling of biting down hard on food you thought was soft, only to hit a hard spot? It may have been a bone that wasn’t supposed to have been there, or just the tip of your fork. Ouch! Then, that sinking feeling that you might have fractured a tooth.

Accidents happen. Food that we eat can hide hard little surprises. If you are an ice-chewer, you have probably been scolded by your dentist to give it up for this very reason. Then there are those who may grind their teeth and clench their jaws due to anxiety or stress. There are many potential causes for fractured and cracked teeth.

Maybe you are not even aware that you have a crack in one of your teeth until a cold ice cream or a hot coffee an uncomfortable event. Once alerted, you should see your dentist to determine if you have a crack or cavity that needs attention. Molars are the usual victims of cracks due to the fact that they take on the majority of the force applied to the teeth.

Many adults have minor surface cracks to the enamel of their teeth which can be treated simply with a polish. For the more severe cracks, there are these options:

-Bonding is the application of a resin material to the surface of the tooth used for cracks and chips
-A crown can cover over teeth that are cracked as long as decay has not entered the tooth.
-Root canal therapy will remove a tooth that has been compromised with infection.
-Extraction may be needed if the tooth cannot be saved. In this worse case scenario, your dentist may suggest a bridge or implant replacement.

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