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Left untreated even a small cavity can worsen into a large problem. As the bacterial presence of tooth decay progresses deeper into the tooth it can spread beyond the tooth’s enamel layer to affect the dentin, pulp, or root of the tooth.

This often causes extreme sensitivity in the tooth and potentially a serious toothache. A feeling of pressure or growing ache in the underlying gums could also herald the early symptoms of a developing dental abscess.

A tooth in this dire condition often needs Dr. Kevin Park to perform endodontic therapy. Also known as a root canal, this treatment method will remove any areas of tooth decay and infected structures from the tooth. Then he will use a special material, which is known as gutta percha to create a small abutment.

This dental anchoring post will have the necessary structural integrity to secure a dental crown in your mouth for years to come. The specific material Dr. Park uses for the crown might vary. Common options include gold, base metal alloy, or a special dental grade porcelain.

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