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It rarely hurts to see if there are ways to improve how we floss. We can help you understand what other things you can do. We have compiled some tips that may more your flossing routine more effective.

– You may want to pull out about 18 inches of floss to use.

– You can wrap the string around your index fingers and hold it placing by pinching those fingers with you thumbs.

– You may not want to just force the string to squeeze into the gaps of your teeth. Instead, your can rub it back and forth to gently urge it into the gaps. This can be easier on your gum tissue.

– Once the string is in the gap, you can pull it against one tooth and slide it up and down. No need to be forceful, as gentle sliding should do the trick.

– You may also want to move the string into the little gap between the tooth and the gums to clean.

– When you are done flossing, you can move to the next tooth, but we recommend you adjust the string so you are using a clean segment. Using the exact same segment can risk moving the plaque you cleaned off to another location, which defeats the purpose of flossing.

We hope you find these tips to be beneficial for you. If you live in or near Snohomish, Washington, or you just happen to be passing through, we here at Park Dental of Edmonds & Snohomish are happy to help you with your dental needs. Our dentist, Dr. Kevin Park, is at your service. You can reach us at 360-568-2153, if you would like to call.